“What does Linda do?”: Fast Thinking and the Conjunction Fallacy

Have you ever been presented with a quiz which sounded really easy but you failed to answer correctly? If so, you may then have discovered "the trick" behind its solution. Well, sometimes what makes those problems tricky is the fact that we are prone to give an answer after thinking "too quickly" about them. Here... Continue Reading →

“Give it back, that’s mine!”: Endowment Effect, Loss Aversion and Status Quo Bias

How often do we hear kids scream for their toys back? Possessiveness tends to be quite common, and completely normal, among young children. Social psychologists suggest that this is a feeling which is linked to perception of self-efficacy and competence. For instance, having control over a toy and being able to prevent someone else from... Continue Reading →

Planting seeds

Dear reader, I am Arianna, a doctoral student at the Institute for Sustainable Resources, UCL. I have decided to create this blog to document my progress as a PhD student and to share my work and interests with you. My research focuses on behavioural economics, sustainable food production and consumption, and the aim of my... Continue Reading →

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